2022 in review: Launchable

Well, this has been a challenging year. My previous experience at CloudBees taught me that a startup journey is not a straight road, but I feel the urgency to move the business forward, yet the progress is slow. The nature of things is such that it’s hard to publicly retrospect this in a place like this.

For the first time in the history of the company, we brought everyone together in one place to meet. First in California, then once more in Kyoto. I’ve led the organization effort so it made those two occasions super meaningful for me. I feel immense pride in showing Japan around to my American colleagues, and ditto the other way around. However, on both occasions one of the participants caught COVID, underscoring the challenge of doing this kind of event.

The team at Launchable is amazing. The organization is small, so we can play to the strength of the individuals. Depending on where the bandwidth is tight, we shift the coverage and the formation. To cope with time zones and language differences, we articulate the kata of work. I really feel the gears are meshing well.

That the usage is expanding among customers is another good news.

I’ll keep on, and I’ll enjoy the journey.

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