M1A2 Abrams tank

I’ve been making many models, but until now I have never done a tank.

I was never attracted to a tank model. Dusty dull colors. Angular boxy shape. It just screams lack of sophistication. But armored vehicles are a major genre in model making. I figured, at least I should do one.

And wow, what a treat! For one, I have learned that you can assemble a whole thing together first before you even begin painting. By the time you paint it with the base color, you basically have a tank. In other types of models, you are basically dealing with plastic pieces, and only until the end everything comes together. That I get to play with a tank right off the gate, that’s hugely motivating.

Tank models are very forgiving. You are just basically making it dirty from there until you are done. Almost any colors would do. Mistakes are easy to hide. In fact, sometimes they work better than intentional effects. Very serendipitous.

I’m hooked. I need to do more of them. While I’m at it, I think I will go more colorful. If red fighter planes are OK, surely red tanks are OK.

M1A2 US Army (1:35)

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