Open-source Projects

I’m involved in a large number of open-source projects. It’s too many to list them all here, but major ones include the followings:

  • Jenkins : a continuous integration server.
  • Akuma : turns a Java program into an Unix daemon
  • File leak detector : monitors file descriptor open/close activities and records its stack trace.
  • GitHub API : Object-oriented Java client API for GitHub
  • Groovy sandbox : executes untrusted Groovy script in a restricted sandbox
  • libpam4j : Java library to perform Unix PAM authentication.
  • META-INF/services : auto-generate META-INF/services file from annotation.
  • Winp : windows process manipulation
  • YouDebug : DSL for debugger
  • com4j : Interop between Java and Microsoft COM, the Java5 way.
  • Dalma : a workflow engine that uses continuation.
  • args4j : Java command-line options handling, the Java5 way.
  • sorcerer : Java source code cross-reference tool. “read-only Eclipse on in a browser.”
  • Parallel JUnit : JUnit3 extension to run unit tests in multiple threads.
  • Stapler : my own Java web framework, used for Hudson.
  • FreeTrain : a .NET ‘clone’ of a famous Japanese railroad simulation game “Take the A train”

Projects at Sun

At Sun, I was involved in a large number of projects:

My earlier RELAX NG related work is available for archival reasons.