2022 in review: Model making

I continue to make models. In the beginning of the year, I had a long pause because I took on a project too big and it stalled. I also spent more time cycling. But still, I made 6 models.

The one that moved me the most is a scale model kit of a Ducati motorcycle. This kit makes you assemble all the inner organs of a bike, which assembles into a shape of a bike. I get to see that this sustains the structural integrity of the bike. You then take those mechanical organs and wrap them by beautiful shiny cowls of Ducati red. The curves are so sexy. I can now totally appreciate why some men really get into motorcycles. I need to do more motorcycle projects to explore this space.

I had a reunion with a couple of high school friends in Tokyo, and I discovered that they are interested in model making, too. From there an event was born, where 8 friends and their kids showed up on one cloudy autumn day to a workshop where we got to assemble model kits, have beer, and enjoy conversations. That was a wonderful day. The experience of using an indoor painting booth there convinced me that I need to have one myself, which I subsequently did.

Another notable accomplishment is to throw away a finished model. I know I needed to — I simply ran out of the space to display them. It’s the process of making one that’s enjoyable, not the final result. Still, it’s emotionally difficult to take something that you spent hours into, and put that into a garbage bin. Luckily, my wife dropped one on the floor and it fell apart. That made it easier. Once you are past the hurdle, I think the next one is much easier.

Right now, I’m assembling my first tank model. Tanks are different; for one, you assemble it first, then paint later. That’s refreshing. Colors are easy, too. Tanks are dirty, so it’s almost like you don’t care what color it is. Just put whatever dark, brown-ish colors lying around. And yet it still looks realistic. This is fun.

One time, my daughter showed an interest in what I was doing, so I took advantage of the opportunity to launch a joint project. Hippie style Volkswagen beetle. She wants to paint it pink. No problem.

I’m trying not to let my hands pause. Don’t focus too much on perfecting. When unsure, do something, and go from there. Focus on finishing it, then move on to the next.

I want to do more motorcycles. It’s been a while since I did fighter jets. I want to paint models in candy colors. I have a painting booth now, and in winter, daylight is short, so this is a great opportunity to do more model kits.

Model making 2022

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