Sea Otter Classic

I’ve participated in my first cycling event today. Really more of a big festival. It was such a nice clear autumn day.

Not knowing what to expect, I played it safe and participated in a 75km long distance ride along the coast. I’ve never ridden with so many other people either. Thanks to all the hill-climbing that I’ve been doing, I found out that I can go faster than others on uphill. That I could do something better than others physically, well, that doesn’t happen often!

The further we went out, the thinner the cyclists got. Somewhere in the middle, I was in a group of 6 cyclists forming a single file. This was my first time riding in a formation, and I got to actually experience all the things I’ve been reading, like air resistance effect, hand signs, etc. It felt odd to be staring at somebody else’s butts for such a long time! And yes, I also led the file for some segments!

I didn’t realize how much I missed being surrounded by the like-minded people who are all having fun. Looking forward to doing this again.

Sea Otter Classic 2021

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