September cycling update

I continue to ride my bike. 1hr on a weekday, then one long weekend ride. ~250km per week.

Lately I started carrying my camera with me. It is heavy, so it slows me down, but it lets me combine two hobbies of mine. I found out that slowing down was actually a feature; I can pay more attention to my surroundings, and I can add a little extra intensity to my ride.

One weekend I went up a local mountain with my friend Paul Sandoz and had a bit of wine tasting at the top of the world. He remarked that I came a long way in my ability to climb, which made me happy.

The week after, I went to Monterey and rode along the Pacific coast. The coast changes scenery from sandy dunes to woods to a wharf and then to a seaside cliff within ~30km stretch. A very nice ride.

This weekend I went up Mt. Umunhum, another local mountain peak. The road to go up was rather steep. On a few occasions I struggled so hard to go up a steep slope, telling myself that beyond a bend it’s gonna get easier, then only to find out that there’s another long stretch of a steep slope beyond that.

Autumn is a great season to cycle and take pictures. I am thinking where I should be going next few weeks.

Cycling 2021 Sep

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