Fremont, OH

I’m biking east along Interstate 80 and today I’m in Fremont. OH.

The name reminds me of California because there’s Fremont, CA. What I didn’t know was that there is more California tie than I knew — both cities are named after John C. Fremont, a man who played a key role in the formation of California.

He explored American west several times, massacred native Americans, organized insurrections against Mexico (back when California was a territory of Mexico) that led to California republic, claimed the title of the first military governor of California, court-martialed for it, did become the first senator from California, organized another expedition, and eventually became a Republican presidential candidate. Quite a life, isn’t it.

It’s nice to see a California connection 3900km away from home.

I’m moving even faster this week because in the real world I took my first >100km trip to Morgan Hill and back, through a couple of lakes. It was intense with some ups and downs but it was great. I wonder how far I can or should push it.

(This trip is virtual, not physical)

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