I’m biking east along Interstate 80 and today I’ve just entered Ohio.

Last week I bought a new road bike. It’s an entry level model as far as the “real” bicycles go, but even still, compared to the previous bike that I was using, I can go about 15% faster just by switching, it’s amazing.

I’m still getting used to this one, but over the weekend I took it to my longest journey ever, a route that goes around a portion of the bay, 86km total. I loved it all — planning it ahead, a little bit of anxiety that it might be just a tad too much, the view from the bridge, and the sense of coming back to the familiar territory in the final leg.

The downside, however, is that I racked up a lot more distance than I anticipated, so my Google Map research into the area to “visit” has not kept up. Before I develop enough familiarity with the area, I move way past that.

I’ll fix that. Sorry Indiana, I didn’t get to know you very well. Hello Ohio, looking forward to get to know you.

(This trip is virtual, not physical)

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