Pine Bluffs, WY

I’m biking east along I-80 and today I’m in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

OK, not really physically, because of pandemic, but virtually I’m there. I’ve been riding a bike since the beginning of the pandemic every day, and the virtual oddmeter on that bike just passed 2000km, and if I map that to I-80 trip east from my home, this is where I’d be. Tracking my progress as a virtual journey through I-80 might be a good motivator, I thought.

This is a tiny city, population 1100, but according to the city’s website, this city was a stop on Texas Trail, where cattles were driven from Texas, and they are put on Union Pacific Railroad that goes through here.

In fact, the city originally had a different name, but Union Pacific Railroad official renamed the city to “Pine Bluffs” — I’m not sure how I’d feel if a company decided that my town should have a different name, but I guess that’s how powerful Union Pacific was back then.

Tomorrow, I’ll cross the state boundary into Nebraska. Exciting!!

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