Rusting beauty

I built a model F-14 while back, and my friend pointed out that I can see a real F-14 not too far away from my home. So I paid a visit to USS Hornet.

This 70 year old aircraft carrier was buoyed as a museum in a rather unassuming harbor near Oakland. Perhaps because we visited there early, or maybe because of the pandemic, the harbor was serene and devoid of activities. The water surface was calm and reflecting sunlight gently back onto the hull of the ship.

Everywhere I looked, there was rust and chipped paint. Even the warbirds displayed inside are mostly faded and rusted. Seaside is not a great place if you wanted to preserve anything. But in this case, the setup was wonderful as a museum. It took me back in time when this ship was on active duty, sailing in the Pacific ocean (and fighting the imperial Japanese navy, if I may add), and buzzing with activities and young people.

There is beauty in things that are slowly fading away into oblivion. That wasn’t what I was expecting to see going in, but I came out very happy. It was a perfect fit for the mood that’s blanketing the world in 2020.

More pictures posted on Flickr.

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