Oracle proposes to move Hudson to Eclipse

I was about to go into my session in JAX 2011 when I learned that Oracle made a proposal to move the Hudson project to the Eclipse foundation. Needless to say, I was quite surprised!

One one hand, I think this definitely shows the great success of the Jenkins project post divorce. As I discussed in these slides with concrete numbers. Were it not for the succcess of Jenkins, they wouldn’t be giving up the project.

But at the same time, I just wish Oracle saw that coming a few months earlier, while we were still seeking the middle ground. We were very interested in having the trademark moved under the custody of a neutral 3rd party, but they were very clear that that’s not acceptable to them. And it also disppoints me that they decided not to reach out to the Jenkins community about this move, when we’ve been conducting our governance meeting all open out there for anyone to join. But I guess they are never really interested in working with us.

I’m also curious how they intend to handle some IP related issues. Two things come off the top of my mind. The current logo, which is a Microsoft clipart. We’ve mentioned that to a representative in Oracle some time ago, but we haven’t heard back. Then there are about 6-month worth of my contributions after I left Oracle, which I don’t think Oracle can unilatelarly donate to the Eclipse foundation.

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