Visiting Germany

I’m leaving San Jose tomorrow to head to Germany. My first stop is Hamburg, where Nils Hofmeister kindly organized a Jenkins developer hackathon on Sunday. (Also thanks to Christoph Kutzinski for making connections.) If the past San Francisco Hackathons are of any indication, this should be a fun event for existing Jenkins developers and those who are interested in writing plugins, so if you are nearby, please join us. I’ll then be speaking in Hamburg JUG, thanks to Björn Jensen from Hamburg JUG, Monday evening about Jenkins. It’ll be a bit of the current state of the project, then more about various advanced features of Jenkins.

On Wednesday, I’ll be speaking in JAX 2011. If you are attending in JAX 2011 and interested in seeing me, please drop by and say hello! I’ll be then back to San Jose on Thursday.

This is the first time I visit Germany, so I’m really excited for a week-long trip. It’s a real shame I won’t get much time sight-seeing around.

5 thoughts on “Visiting Germany”

  1. I’ve just initiated the initial contact. Credits for organizing the Hackathon should go to Nils Hofmeister and credits for the Monday event should go to Björn Jensen from JUGHH

  2. Welcome, nice to have you here. Something outstanding happend yesterday. Germany beats Russia 2:0 in icehockey. :-)

  3. Hi,

    I cannot find any information about the Jug talk on the website. When will it take place and where?

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