New webinar: Navigating the firehose of test failures

At Launchable, lately we are working on a new product that tackles a bigger challenge of people doing QA.

Automating tests is hard enough, but that’s just the beginning. Every morning, you show up to the results of the nightly test runs.

First, the noise has to be filtered away. There are flaky failures, there are failures that Bob is currently working on, and there are low priority failures. Then for real issues, people need to be assigned to investigate them.

If you are testing complex software, which tends to be the case for tests running nightly, this detective work can be really challenging. Correlating log files, referencing past failure modes, …

Then those failures need to be prioritized, passed to the right developers to get fixed, and the delivery of the fix needs to be tracked until they get verified in another test run.

This is something people are doing every day. And I believe this can be made better. I’m doing a webinar to explore various aspects of this challenge, and what different engineering teams are doing to deal with this.

If you are one of the people facing the challenge, come join us. You’ll walk away with a good sense of this landscape.

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