I’m supporting AIDS Life/Cycle

I signed up to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles this summer, and I need your help.

This is an annual charity fundraising ride for SF AIDS foundation and LA LGBT center. Since 1993, this event has been raising awareness to AIDS and people who were lost to it.

I’ll be riding 545mi/877km over 7 days, climbing 23000ft/7000m in that process. Frankly, that is a scary challenge. The most ambitious ride I have ever taken, by far. When the going gets tough, when it starts to feel like the road never seems to end, and when I see a mountain ahead yet not finding any energy left to climb over, I know it is your support that will push me forward.

So that brings me to my request. I need to raise $5000 for this charity. Your support means a lot to me and them.

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