Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

I wanted to assemble a motorcycle model. And it had to be a Harley Davidson. I think it’s because now I ride a bicycle. It makes me appreciate the feeling of open air, going slowly and taking it in, and going a road less traveled. In other words, the joy of adventure. It feels free, especially in this difficult time. Harley Davidson embodies those emotions so much better than aerodynamic Yamaha or Kawasaki motorcycles.

I also love that all the guts of the machine are visible from outside. It’s purposeful, and it is beautiful. The only disappointment in this is that the painting didn’t come out the way I hoped. I’ve used metallic black as the base layer and clear black as the 2nd layer to create a complex light reflection, but somehow it ended up coming out as a rather plain gloss black. Not sure where things went wrong.

But then, maybe that is the blessing. I’m now motivated to do another one.

Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic 1/8

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