The Archway

I’m biking east along I-80 and today I went through the Archway. It looks like a bridge over I-80, and it sure draws attention.

How did they manage a permit from the DoT!? I have a feeling random Joe wouldn’t be able to pull this off! Turns out this whole project was conceived by the governor of Nebraska in the 1960s. That explains.

I’ve been picking up the pace lately. Something has changed in my body, either physically or psychologically. Last weeked. I set a new distance record of 48km in one ride. I have biked more than 150km in the last 7 days, and that doesn’t even include that 48km ride. In my entire life I have never exercised this hard. It feels great.

And yet here I am, 2400km from the west coast, and the landmark I come across is a meseum dedicated to the settlement of American west. West! I’m still in the west! Pretty remarkable, isn’t it. That’s the USA for you.

Omaha is still 300km away. Are we there yet!?

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