In São Paulo from this weekend

I’ll be flying to Sao Paulo this week to attend Jenkins meet-up (Saturday) and JavaOne Latin America (next Tuesday and onward).

The last time I visited Brazil was a few years ago, but thanks to Mauricio Leal, whom I tagged around with for a JUG tour around Brazil, it was really a blast. This time around I don’t have the benefit of the local guy to the degree I had before, but I’m really looking forward to it.

The major pre-travel issue was that the Brazilian government run out of the visa stickers. But I made it just in time (or more precisely I hopefully will be — I’ll be picking up my passport Wednesday and flying Thursday. Phew!)

The highlight of the trip will be the first-eve Jenkins meet up in São Paulo — I’ve been a big fan of local communities where there exists a language barrier. I’m from Japan, so I’ve seen it the first hand the value of local communities would bring to the table. The speaker/session line up is amazing, the event is free, and there’ll be a social at the end, so if you are in the area and has been interested in meeting with fellow Jenkins developers and users, please RSVP.

But if you can’t come in person, at least please consider joinining the Brazilian Portaguese mailing list of Jenkins users, which we are launching.

I don’t really have any plans on Sunday and Monday — any sight-seeing suggestions and/or interest of meeting up and chatting about stuff would be more than welcome. Leave the comment here, or see the right for my e-mail address.

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  1. Yay Kohsuke!

    If you are staying near the city centre (republica, higienopolis, sta. cecilia) then you can go to:

    1) 25 de Março. You’ll find a multitude, but lots of souvenirs to take home
    2) Liberdade (our Japan/China town), where I believe you’ll find it funny to listen to the Japanese that is spoken there (you’ll find lots of jichans saying benjo, instead of toire, otearai, etc :-).
    3) You can walk round the city centre and go to Terraço Itália, Banespa, Galeria do Rock (Rock Gallery, one of my favorite places, there’s a nice bar with good lunches and cold n’ cheap beer!)

    From there, you can get on the metro and go to Paulista Avenue, where you can check Masp out, see Trianon-Masp park and stop by O’Malleys or Blue Pub to get some beer and fish n’ chips. Or if you prefer a more Paulistano place, you can stop by some bars in the adjacent streets and ask for Feijoada + Caipirinha. Ah! And buy a Seleta Pinga as souvenir.

    There’s also Ibirapuera park, that is very famous and where you can rent a bicycle and get to know the park and part of the city.

    Or if you are feeling adventurous and the weather helps you should totally check Juquehy, Guaruja, Riviera or Maresias :o) the north seashore of Sao Paulo is very beautiful!

    Finally, the city centre is not exactly dangerous, though some neighborhoods are quite dangerous (liberdade, glicerio, sé, luz, armênia). So if your hotel is not so close to a metro station, or if you have a lot of bags with you, it’s preferable to get a cab after 7/8 PM.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you need someone to tag along and drink few beers with 🙂

  2. Ah, another place that I haven’t been, but after watching a TV documentary I intend to visit is the Samba da Vela (Candle’s Samba) –

  3. You should drink:
    – Maracuja (juice)
    – Guarana (soda)
    You should eat:
    – picanha
    – baby beef
    – palmito (heart of palm)
    You should visit:
    – Ibirapuera park (there is a Planetarium, if you are an Astronomy fan)
    – Paulista Avenue
    – MIS ( and MASP ( ) – two nice museums

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