POTD: Confluence static cache generator plugin

I’m not sure about your Confluence, but my Confluence was dog slow. Page rendering regularly took a second or two, or even worse. That’s why I wrote this plugin.

This Confluence plugin generates static HTML files out of your Wiki pages. It happens every time when someone updates a page, post a comment, add a label, and so on. Anything that can affect the way the page looks in Confluence, and the cache gets regenerated.

Unlike Auto-export plugin, this plugin doesn’t try to apply a different theme, or help you make them look like non-Wiki sites, because the goal is the opposite. I want to make Confluence look faster, as opposed to generating website out of Confluence. To this end, HTML files generated by this plugin is a straight capture of what Confluence is rendering.

These generated files can be then served from frontend Apache reverse proxy. With the use of mod\_rewrite, Apache will act as a smart caching proxy; it’ll serve static HTML files if they exist, and otherwise it’ll forward the requests to the backend Confluence.

The end result is that your visitors won’t even notice that your Confluence is running with cache. They see the same-old Confluence UI, and the same URLs will keep working. The only difference is that pages magically load a lot faster.

See the live instance to get the feel of how this cache works mostly transparently, and if you want to try this on your own Confluence, the code is here.

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