Jenkins ChromeDriver plugin

I released Jenkins ChromeDriver plugin that auto-installs chromedriver on all slaves. Here is why this is useful.

ChromeDriver is needed to run WebDriver-based tests with Chrome. Unfortunately this is a native program, so in a heterogenous Jenkins, you need to make sure you have the right binary available on each of the slaves. While that’s not hard, it’s awfully tedious. This plugin fixes that by automating it.

This plugin would be a nice companion to the recently upgraded Selenium Grid plugin that automatically runs Selenium Grid on top of your Jenkins slaves. When you combined, you just install two plugins to the Jenkins master, and without touching slaves at all, you got the whole cluster instantly ready for Selenium2 WebDriver testing. How is that?

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  1. Skúli Arnlaugsson says:

    Wow, this is a really nice plugin. I look forward to trying it out!

  2. Vijay Singh says:

    I would like to install the plugin manually – where can I download a .hpi version of it?

  3. Vijay Singh says:

    Thanks Kohsuke!

  4. Vijay Singh says:

    I think this may be quicker though I posted the same question on the plugin page…

    Post installing the Selenium Grid 2.0 Plugin (Jenkins 1.449) all the Slaves went OFFLINE. I thought the Grid works on top of the master & slaves setup.

    Any help appreciated.

  5. Vijay Singh says:

    An update – I had the Chrome Driver plugin also installed, which I believe is causing the slaves to go offline. They came back online once I disabled the Chrome driver plugin.

  6. Anitha V says:

    I am using Hudson Distributed Builds and the slaves fail to launch the chrome (Failed to initialize connection error in chromedriver.log) – do u think this plugin will help solve that problem? also looks like this works only on Jenkins and not on Hudson – is that so?

  7. Jiří Skřivánek says:

    I installed both ChromeDriver plugin and Selenium Grid plugin. The file chromedriver.exe is copied to windows slave but it is not clear to me how to tell my JUnit tests where it is. Should I set it to a property and propagate it somehow to tests?

  8. naveen kumar says:

    An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. (UnknownError:13) chrome
    I am getting this problem, I have install chrome driver and running webdriver file chrome browser is not opening

  9. Saravanakumar says:

    This is saravanakumar from India. I want to execute my selenium test cases from Jenkins.
    Can you please guide me. How to do configuration in Jenkins. I am using the gradle build and using for webdriverManager. I mean chrome binaries.

    Please help to configure and execute it from jenkins
    Saravanakumar G.

  10. Mihai Balica says:

    Hi, I am using Chrome Driver plugin, the problem that I have with it is that the chrome driver version it installed is from April 2017r and after a recent update of my systems, Chrome got updated and it is incompatible with this chromedriver version. If there is no quick solution here, to update the driver via the plugin, then I will have to drop this plugin and do the driver update manually on all nodes 🙁

  11. Christina says:

    Would you consider making on for firefox driver or geckodriver?

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