My take on Jenkins User Conference

Last week, we had our first ever Jenkins User Conference. More than 30 talks have been proposed (of which we were only able to accomodate 10 or so), 7 companies had helped pay for the event, and more than 250 people attended (out of 400 people registered.) People came from all over the world, from Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, and so on. One of them even told me that he primarily came from Sweden for JUC, and being able to go to JavaOne was a nice extra. That’s saying something!

For me, to see the project I started 7 years ago to come this far, it was a rather special day. I was able to talk to many people during the day, most of the talks were quite good, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope other people felt the same way.

I’ve done the keynote that discusses the current state of the Jenkins project, and the progress we’ve made in the last 8 months since the divorce drama. The slides can be seen below, and I belive the recording will be posted online later.

Thank you for everyone who came, and thank you to those who made this event possible (especially Alyssa, Lisa, and Heidi who did the real hard work of organizing the event and taking care of the logistics.)
There was interest in doing another one in Europe. I certainly hope it would happen!

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