I’m traveling for the next two weeks

I’m at San Francisco airport now to start my first around-the-world tour!

My first stop will be Tokyo, my home town. There’ll be a Jenkins user meet-up, whose 88 seats are booked solid. This time the topic is about various scripting languages, and I’ll be presenting about the recent Ruby/Jenkins work in the core with cowboyd. On Tuesday, I’ll be doing one of the keynotes in Japan Java User Group Cross-Community Conference. This is actually a full day event with 3 concurrent tracks, showing the degree of high interest in Java in Tokyo.

I have to make sure I won’t forget to attend the Jenkins project meeting in that night. It’s 1am my time. I think the technology made the distance a non-issue, but the time zone difference is really fragmenting our community (especially Asian communities from the rest of the world), and I with we could somehow fix that.

Then I’ll be heading to Paris, to present in the “What’s Next?” event by Zenika. While this is a for-pay conference, Zenika is also generously hosting a free Jenkins user meetup in Friday night. I’ll be also speaking there, along with a number of French Jenkins developers. If you are using Jenkins or thinking about using it, this is the opportunity to learn about a thing or two and get to know some of the people behind it. Then the following Saturday, we’ll shift the gear a bit and will be doing a hackathon. While the meetup is more for users of Jenkins, hackathon is more for the current and wanna-be developers of Jenkins and its plugins. It’s also a whole day event, so you’ll have more chance of really getting to know people. So if you are already plugin developers or thinking about writing one, please join us. On 5/30, I’lll be doing the last show in Paris, at SFEIR CloudCamp about Jenkins.

On 6/1, I’ll be heading to London and will be doing another talk in Skillsmatter in the evening. The next day, I’ll be doing a one-day training, and I believe some seats are still available. And with that, I’m back to San Francisco!

So please forgive me for any delay in responses to e-mails, and I hope to see as many of you on the road.

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  1. Bob Bickel says:

    You amaze me with your prolific community outreach as well as productivity in writing code. Glad I’m on your team…


  2. Hi Kohsuke, I’m very excited to meet you both on the What’s Next and the Sfeir BarCamp during this week.

    See you !

  3. Kohsuke,

    I have been sifting through your posts on java.net regarding xjc, etc. I know this must seem ancient to you, but it is very useful to me. Thanks for the great work.


  4. taphsene says:

    I have one question to ask you about jenkins.
    I am new on jenkins. I saw in a project,which you worked, that is in this link http://ci.jenkins-ci.org/job/plugins_deploy/17/org.jenkins-ci.plugins$deploy/. You used “redeploy the artefacts”. How you did this! i think that you use the plugin “deploy”. I want to do the same thing but i am using jetty server which is not supported by this plugin! Do you have an alternative to propose me?
    I want just to have the option “redeploy artifacts” from a build for deploying artifacts in a jetty server!
    thank you in advance

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