Visiting Japan next week

I’ll be traveling to Japan for the entire next week. I’ve got a number of talks scheduled, so if you are in Tokyo around that time, please come see me speak Japanese 🙂

**11/11 37th Cloud computing meet-up jointly held together with 2nd Android users group test SIG meet-up**
I’ll be talking about Android and Hudson, as well as cloud computing and Hudson. Hudson is a system where it’s got a number of plugins that make it usable in just about any development environment, so I’ll be talking about Android and cloud from those angles. Given the audience, I also intend to do a Hudson intro as well. RSVP from [here](, and [here]( for the social afterward.
**11/12 Hudson user meet-up (or aka “Japan build engineers’ symposium”)**
Many of the key Japanese Hudson community members (as well as users) are here to talk about various aspects of Hudson. The Japanese Hudson user community isn’t really visible as it doesn’t really interact with the main English-speaking Hudson community, but it’s a huge community. More than 200 people signed up for this meeting, so it should be fun. Again, please RSVP from [here](
**11/13 University of Tokyo Home coming day, Information science department symposium**
This is bit different from others in that I’ll be talking more than just Hudson. I wanted to talk about more broadly about what I’ve done in the past 10 years since I came to the U.S., about RELAX NG and what I learned from it, how my college education helped me or didn’t help me, and how the whole thing led me to Hudson. The event is open to public, so please see [the time/place]( and come see me.

As is typical with the way Japanese people work :-), most of these meetings are in the night, and that means I’m pretty flexible during the day. So if you’d like me to come talk about Hudson or otherwise just willing to have a lunch with me or something, please let me know. It’s been a while I’ve been to Tokyo, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m starting to build a long list of what I should eat while there.

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