Cheers to the 5th anniversary of GlassFish

About 5 years ago in JavaOne, Sun announced to open-source GlassFish application server. Back then I was involved in JAXB, the databinding technology, and if my memory serves me, I think that was when we finally made JAXB source code available in CVS in a way people can check out anonymously (before that, it was under more problematic license that required a click-through.) I think the JAXB RI was since then well-received by the community, so I’m very happy with what I’ve done.

A lot has happened since then, but it seems to be that the GlassFish community as a whole has steadily grown since then, and it even survived the Oracle transition, despite rumors and FUDs. So my hats off to those who made it happen, and here’s to the next 5 years of GlassFish!

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