Introducing InfraDNA, the Hudson company

As I wrote in my farewell note, I was working on starting a new company around Hudson. It took longer than I initially anticipated, but it’s finally open for business!

The company will provide two things; one is support, so that I can answer your questions and problem reports in a timely fashion, and the other is consulting, so that I can help you develop custom plugins, or provide on-site support to work on some tricky problems.

The name of the company is InfraDNA because I think of Hudson more as an infrastructure on which all kinds of server-side automation/tools can be built/deployed, and because I think this stuff is built into me (as in DNA) — when I look back my career as a software engineer, I always somehow seem to come back to tooling. (Plus, the domain name was available!)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

15 thoughts on “Introducing InfraDNA, the Hudson company”

  1. Congrats! This is great news, I am looking forward to working with you and your company in the future.

  2. Congratulations! Best of luck!

    Hudson is a great product. We use it in project Nighthacks also. :)

  3. Hey Kohsuke! I’m very excited for you to make this big move – I certainly remember when you came to Sun and you’ve done nothing but great work since. Good luck with this venture! Best regards!

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