Upcoming San Francisco training

CloudBees will be hosting another training in San Francisco Bay Area in January 26, 2012, and Feburary 23rd in Tokyo.

This 1-day training starts with the basics and then covers some of the advanced techniques, especially in combination with some plugins. As we deliver this training more, we gradually adjusted the material to cover more advanced topics, like promotion, build pipeline, parameterized triggers, and so on — the kind that’s getting more traction lately as Jenkins starts to encompass continuous delivery.

And for me, this training will be the first to use the latest “install plugins without restart” feature, so that should help with attendees keeping the focus a bit.

In these trainings, we cap the number of attendees to a fairly small size so that I can pay attention to each attendees enough. People normally bring in questions that go beyond the training curriculam to discuss the problems they face in their day-to-day Jenkins administrations. I welcome those, too!

If you are interested, please sign up while the seats are available!

Jenkins training in New York next week

As a follow up to the successful sessions we held in London, San Francisco, and Tokyo, CloudBees will be holding two additional Jenkins training sessions in the coming few months, in San Francisco and New York City. The San Francisco session has already sold out, but there are several remaining slots for the New York session (interested individuals can register here).

I’m pleased to announce that I will be personally running the New York session. Our intent is to keep the number of participants low so as to allow for maximum interaction — aside from the caricculum, I often end up discussing challenges and problems individual attendees are facing with them, and it works only if we have a smaller room, and people seem to like that. As I’ve noted before, interacting with Jenkins users is always an enlightening experience and it’s also extremely helpful for me personally as I continuously work on software improvements for the project.

Like our London session, this will be aimed at users that already have a working knowledge of Jenkins. Once you get the build and tests automated, what can you do from there? The idea with these sessions is to help improve on advanced Jenkins functionalities to answer this question, including creating bigger automated workflows / broader choreographies, code quality metrics, automated deployment, and so on.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Training in London

On June 1st, CloudBees will be hosting a 1-day Jenkins training in London, and I’ll be delivering it. Based on the experience of past deliveries of the training, this time I’m making some significant updates to the material to cater toward more experienced users and admins, about topics that range from automated code quality tracking to distributed builds, security setup to how you do continous delivery, build promotions to parameterized builds.

The training is capped by a small number of people, so it’s also interactive. I’ve enjoyed answering interesting and specific questions people bring in and point them to different plugins. In addition, for me, seeing people use the software also helps me understand how to improve them.

This is the first time we do this in Europe, and I’m hoping you’ll come join us. And if you are not in London, looks like my boss has signed me up for future trainings in San Francisco and New York, and if you have suggestions about other cities, please let us know!