On the road for the rest of the month

I’m really excited to kick off my 2013 with a tour around the world for Jenkins.

The first stop will be in Tel Aviv, where I’ll be doing training with AlphaCSP. This has sold out, but AlphaCSP will be delivering this training again in the future. I’ll then head to London for the Jenkins User Event in London, with James Nord (of the m2 release plugin fame) and Andrew Phillips from XebiaLabs. This one has also sold out, but I’ll be recording the talks and posting them online. After tha, I’m in Munich to deliver another Jenkins training with ObjectBay. Again the same deal here — it’s sold out but they’ll be scheduling repeats later.

I’ll then be back to my home for a few days, then off to Seoul for the first-ever Jenkins meet-up in Korea. I’m really excited about this, and I’m trying to kick-start a local community, which is invaluable in this region of the world. If you are in the area, please come join us, and get to know other people in the Jenkins community.

Then I head to Tokyo to an user meet-up (no registration page is up yet, please check back our website later), and a couple more trainings (this one has more seats available.)

From there I’m flying to Brussels for FOSDEM. They gave me a keynote slot (yay!), and Tyler is organizing the testing and automation devroom. A number of Jenkins people will be there, and we’ll have a table for two days. This will be exciting!

And in my last leg of the journey, I’ll be at JFokus in Stockholm. They kindly gave me a long 3 and half hour slot to talk about Jenkins in depth, aside from more typical 50 mins talking slot. I’m looking forward to this new format.

And when I finally get back to home, I suspect I need some down time to recover.

If you are in the area nearby, and grab some stickers or want to say hello, please let me know! And my apologies in advance for the delay in responding e-mails and other disruptions.

This week in Tokyo

I’m back to Tokyo this and next week, doing all sorts of Jenkins related (and other CloudBees related) activities.

First was the Developer Summit, a two-day developer conference. It covers wide range of topics from mobile to web, agile to industry designs. Yesterday I’ve done a lightening talk, trying to convince them the importance of communicating and sharing (be it code, blog, etc.) The subtext was to do so in English, ideally, so that the rest of the world can see all the great stuff that they are doing, which for me has been a constant struggle in the Jenkins community. During this lightning talk the moderator asked the audience how many of them already use Jenkins, and about 1/3 of the hands went up. Then he asked how many already knew Jenkin, and about another 1/3 went up. So I was quite encouraged.

Today in its 2nd day, I’m doing my high-level Jenkins talk, trying to spread the words and explaining why CI (especially in the context of abidance of computing power) isn’t a transient phenomena, but instead a profound shift in how we develop.

On Tuesday next week, we’ll be doing the 5th Tokyo Jenkins user meetup. Thanks to the usual suspects in the Japanese Jenkins community and a kind offer from Rakuten (a Japanese equivalent of Yahoo, would be the best way to describe this company, I think), this time we’ve got a huge venue, but we’ve already filled up all 110 seats. We have a great speaker line-up, folks from Rakuten and Mixi (a Japanese equivalent of Facebook) discussing how they deploy CI in those large organizations.

I’ve heard from many yesterday that they couldn’t get in because seats are full. In one of those days, I’d really love to bring Jenkins User Conference to Tokyo in some shape. We’ll have to do with a lot less CloudBees involvement (and that means I need to find someone else who can help organize the event, as those things are quite a bit of work), but I think it’d be worth it.

The day after that, I’ll be with Mamezou (whom CloudBees partner with to deliver training in Tokyo) and do a short introductory talk/demo on Jenkins. Whereas the user meetup is more focused on existing users and building relationship among them, this event is more for new users who have no prior experience on Jenkins. Tamagawa-san, who translated “Jenkins the Definitive Guide” to Japanese, would also come to give a presentation.

I’ll have my usual one day training on Thursday, then on Friday I’ll be at the cloud user group meet-up to present about the CloudBees platform.

I’ve brought 300 Jenkins stickers with me, but I’ve already handed out about 50 today, and I’m already regretting that I haven’t brought more. The same goes to business cards — I don’t know what it is but Japanese sure loves exchanging business cards!

In between those I’ve got some company visits and other engagements lined up, and if I get lucky I’ll be meeting&drinking with some old friends. This weekend is likely spent preparing for talks and catching up with work during my Europe trip, but I’ve got the next weekend after all my commitments are done, so I should be able to do some unwinding, too.

All in all, it’s going to be a busy week. My apologies in advance for additional delay in e-mail responses, etc.

2010 Tokyo Trip Summary

It’s been a while I visited Japan (in fact I believe it’s been two years since my last visit), but as always this 1 week trip was quite packed and exhausting.

Fist, I’ve made a number of visits to companies big and small using Hudson. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that several largest IT companies are starting to deploy Hudson in a large scale (and in some places they’ve dedlicated engineers to work on integration and deployment.) I’m working with them in the hope that they can discuss more about their experience in public, which would help spread Hudson in Japan.

I’ve also made a number of presentations. I gave one talk about how Hudson can be used to test Android apps, and another about Hudson and cloud. There was a lot of interest in the Android developer community about automated tests (especially with real devices, since there are now so many Android phones) — could be something interesting for CloudBees.

I’ve also helped organize the first Hudson user meetup in Japan, and did a presentation there as well. This was held in one of the biggest room in a local university, and Hudson users showed up in full force — I was told there were 208 people attended. 9 people took turn presenting various topics around Hudson, and there was a healthy mix of Java, Perl, and Ruby. We’ve launched Japan Hudson User Group (JHUG?) in this event, and we are working on hosting another meetup event in Feburary.

The last talk I gave was at the home-coming day of my college, and there I mainly talked about RELAX NG and how what I leanrt there was useful/unuseful in my professional carrer. I particularly enjoyed giving this talk, as it gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my past 9 years in the U.S.

Aside from those day activities, no trip to Japan is complete without incredibly good (and expensive!) sashimi, sushi, and other Japanese cuisines, and too much dose of alcohol. Unfortunately, I had spent most dinners in 懇親会 (a social get-together party after a meetup that involves beer), so I didn’t get to complete my what-to-eat list. But there’s always a next time.

Thanks for everyone who gave me chances to talk about Hudson, and it was nice meeting you all. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Visiting Japan next week

I’ll be traveling to Japan for the entire next week. I’ve got a number of talks scheduled, so if you are in Tokyo around that time, please come see me speak Japanese :-)

11/11 37th Cloud computing meet-up jointly held together with 2nd Android users group test SIG meet-up
I’ll be talking about Android and Hudson, as well as cloud computing and Hudson. Hudson is a system where it’s got a number of plugins that make it usable in just about any development environment, so I’ll be talking about Android and cloud from those angles. Given the audience, I also intend to do a Hudson intro as well. RSVP from here, and here for the social afterward.

11/12 Hudson user meet-up (or aka “Japan build engineers’ symposium”)
Many of the key Japanese Hudson community members (as well as users) are here to talk about various aspects of Hudson. The Japanese Hudson user community isn’t really visible as it doesn’t really interact with the main English-speaking Hudson community, but it’s a huge community. More than 200 people signed up for this meeting, so it should be fun. Again, please RSVP from here.

11/13 University of Tokyo Home coming day, Information science department symposium
This is bit different from others in that I’ll be talking more than just Hudson. I wanted to talk about more broadly about what I’ve done in the past 10 years since I came to the U.S., about RELAX NG and what I learned from it, how my college education helped me or didn’t help me, and how the whole thing led me to Hudson. The event is open to public, so please see the time/place and come see me.

As is typical with the way Japanese people work :-), most of these meetings are in the night, and that means I’m pretty flexible during the day. So if you’d like me to come talk about Hudson or otherwise just willing to have a lunch with me or something, please let me know. It’s been a while I’ve been to Tokyo, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m starting to build a long list of what I should eat while there.