Things listed here are my private projects. I also have a couple of projects at Sun that are related to RELAX NG. See the top page for details.

RELAX NG Object Model
RELAX NG Object Model. This library parses RELAX NG schemas and does all the checking, thereby letting your application build your own data structure out of RELAX NG schemas.
Data-binding tool by using RELAX NG. I gave a presentation about this at Extreme Markup Languages 2002. Slides are available here. This project is started by Daisuke Okajima, and I'm now participating in its development.
RELAX NG "validatelet" generator. A tool that generates a validator, which is specialized for a given schema.
RELAX NG Cook Book
A step-by-step tutorial of how to implement a RELAX NG validator
RELAX NG Name Class Cook Book
Describes how you can deal with "name class" of RELAX NG.
RELAX NG tutorial (Japanese)
Japanese translation of RELAX NG tutorial.
RELAX NG Project (at SourceForge)
Pluggable datatype interface for Java, .NET, COM, and C++. Tenuto, a RELAX NG validator written in C#.
A tool that checks if a grammar is ambiguous or not.
Ambiguity detection algorithm in RELAX NG
A paper that describes the algorithm of ambiguity detection. the above RelaxMeter implements a simpler (and weak) version of this algorithm.
A tool that translates XML/compact syntax of RELAX NG into simple syntax.
RELAX NG Shorthand
Concise and smaller way to write RELAX NG schemas. Fully compatible with RELAX NG itself.
OASIS RELAX NG TC issue list
the XML source and the stylesheet are also available.
VoiceXML 1.0 in RELAX NG
My translation of VoiceXML into RELAX NG.

RELAX Core/Namespace

Somewhat old, but hopefully still useful stuff.

RELAX Core tutorial (Japanese)
Introduction of RELAX Core for dummies.

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