2022 in review: Launchable

Well, this has been a challenging year. My previous experience at CloudBees taught me that a startup journey is not a straight road, but I feel the urgency to move the business forward, yet the progress is slow. The nature of things is such that it’s hard to publicly retrospect this in a place like…

2022 in review: Model making

I continue to make models. In the beginning of the year, I had a long pause because I took on a project too big and it stalled. I also spent more time cycling. But still, I made 6 models. The one that moved me the most is a scale model kit of a Ducati motorcycle….

2022 in review: Watercolor

My watercolor journey continues this year. I’ve drawn about 50 pieces, bringing the total to over 100. I bring the painting kit when I travel and draw on the road. I’ve become comfortable with basic watercolor techniques; mixing a different color on top of another color white it’s wet; do the same when the base…

2022 in review: Cycling

This year, I rode ~320 days, covering 13500km, climbing 120km. Those are up significantly from last year. On weekdays, I ride about 1hr going 25-30km. Saturday, 100-140km. Sunday, I do a relaxing ride for 1-2 hours. Those are my routines. In last year’s review, I wrote that I want to join a local cycling club….