Fremont, OH

I’m biking east along Interstate 80 and today I’m in Fremont. OH. The name reminds me of California because there’s Fremont, CA. What I didn’t know was that there is more California tie than I knew — both cities are named after John C. Frémont, a man who played a key role in the formation…


I’m biking east along Interstate 80 and today I’ve just entered Ohio. Last week I bought a new road bike. It’s an entry level model as far as the “real” bicycles go, but even still, compared to the previous bike that I was using, I can go about 15% faster just by switching, it’s amazing….

Lotus Super 7

My next build is Lotus Super 7. This was an “in-between” build; a kit that I bought without careful consideration, just so that I have something at hand to build. I cannot afford not to have anything to build! The same goes to the choice of colors. So I lacked the intentionality in building this…

Gary, IN

I’m biking east along Interstate 80 and today I left Illinois and entered Indiana. This is the closest I-80 gets to Lake Michigan, so I wanted to see what the lakeshore looks like, and I discovered US Steel Gary Works. This is a huge steel plant. Wikipedia says for many years this was the world’s…

Illinois waterway visitor center

From this visitor center and Wikipedia I learned that there’s a 100 mile canal here that connects the Great Lakes to the Mississippi river.